Meet John Romaker

Experienced Leadership

Since 1991, John Romaker has served Whatcom County as Chief Deputy Assessor. Helping guide the office through many changes in those 28 years, John is always focused on modernizing property data collection, adopting new professional appraisal methods, and implementing new technology. Yet John remains watchful for unrealized efficiencies that could improve the prudent use of public resources.

Public Service Focused

Drawing on experience gained from more than 35-years in property appraisal and assessment, John knows the value of excellent public service delivery. A post-college stint as a newspaper journalist gave him essential tools for effective communication.

Taxation is never a pleasant topic but clear communication delivered with care and respect can make an otherwise complex or challenging subject accessible to all. Leading by example, John creates an environment where everyone benefits from appropriate, thoughtful and considerate dialogue. 

Technology Driven

John has been an agent for advancing information technology, through business process analysis and as an appraisal systems support specialist. He represents the office in IT systems upgrades spanning multiple departments, one of which was a multi-year effort to replace a 23-year old assessment and treasury system.

 Much progress has been made in recent years acquiring and deploying modern technologies with council and executive support, but John truly recognizes and appreciates the hard-working staff whose efforts make these challenging transitions successful.